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'The rules of capitalization are so unfair to words in the middle of a sentence.' - Margo Roth Spiegelman, Paper Towns

Matt Smith will always be my doctor 3/4/2010 - 25/12/2013

I remain a loyal servant to the glow cloud.

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my dear friends. these are montparnasse and eponine for lovely juliette (my part of an art trade). if you haven’t seen her art yet, check her out, in my opinion she’s one of the best les mis artists on tumblr. and she inspires me a lot. and she’s awesome. yay *u* still, my internet works too slow to even DO anything, so don’t expect me anywhere till 16th April, thank you. 

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New favorite film genre: Scarlett Johansson destroying people.

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remember in 2012 when that lady tried restoring that painting of jesus


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**Edited and added, since now I can say it without crying.*

My Dad committed suicide on January 13, 2013. He suffered from depression for 10 years, and I was lucky to have him around as long as I did. In his honor I got the last thing he wrote to me on my bicep in his handwriting in blue ink, his favorite color. I’ll miss him forever, and now I’ll have a reminder that he loves me every time I look in the mirror. 

I just saw this in the tattoo tag but arrrghehfdhsuih I just wanna hug you, this is such a special tattoo.

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SnK OVA & Sasha + badassery

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Selfies Right Next to a Moving Train

im sorry but

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